About Myself

Research Interests

Mobile Computing, Wireless Sensing, Internet of Things (IoT), Localization, Smart Homes


03/2019 Awarded M.E. Van Valkenburg Fellowship
07/2018 MUSE accepted to MobiCom'18
05/2018 MUTE accepted to SIGCOMM'18
03/2018 Awarded Yee Fellowship and Dr. Ok Kyun Kim Fellowship
12/2017 LipRead accepted to NSDI'18
04/2017 Awarded Rambus Fellowship
12/2016 iBall accepted to NSDI'17
06/2016 Present ArmTrak and give a talk at the Ph.D. Forum at MobiSys'16 (Singapore).
06/2016 AutoLabel accepted to UbiComp'16
05/2016 ArmTrak video wins CSL video of the month!
05/2016 Internship with Intel and Sequoia (3 months)
02/2016 ArmTrak accepted to MobiSys'16
Sheng Shen

CV (pdf)


Sheng Shen
241 Coordinated Science Lab
1308 W Main Street
Urbana, IL 61801
Email: sshen19 [at] illinois.edu
Sheng Shen: ECE@UIUC