About Myself

Research Interests

My research interests lie primarily in the area of mobile computing and sensing. Currently, my research focuses on designing mobile systems with various sensors to analyze human mobility, simplify human-computer interaction and/or improve human health.


04/2017 Awarded Rambus Fellowship
12/2016 iBall accepted to NSDI'17
06/2016 Present ArmTrak and give a talk at the Ph.D. Forum at MobiSys'16 (Singapore).
06/2016 AutoLabel accepted to UbiComp'16
05/2016 ArmTrak video wins CSL video of the month!
05/2016 Internship with Intel and Sequoia (3 months)
02/2016 ArmTrak accepted to MobiSys'16
05/2015 Present AutoLabel remotely at WPA'15 (Florence, Italy)
04/2015 Demo AutoLabel and WalkCompass at Samsung Research America (Mountain View, CA)
03/2015 AutoLabel accepted to Workshop on Physical Analytics'15
Sheng Shen

CV (pdf)


Sheng Shen
241 Coordinated Science Lab
1308 W Main Street
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: +1- (206) 227-1432
Email: sshen19 [at] illinois.edu
Sheng Shen: ECE@UIUC